Promoting healthy lifestyles

a society where young people are safe, healthy and reach their full potential

Who We Are

Partnering to build a world where young people are healthy and reach their full potential

SCAD is a youth-centric organisation promoting sobriety and healthy lifestyles for the most vulnerable 10-24 year old youth. 

Aware that young people are vulnerable to a multitude of health problems that negatively influence their growth and contribution to their communities, we pursue opportunities and investments to improve their safety, health and wellbeing. 

Investing in young people’s health and wellbeing presents triple benefits-improving their health now, enhancing their wellbeing across the life course, and contributing to the wellbeing of future generations.

What We Do


— Drug Use Prevention Program

Through peer-led and teacher-led models, we enable young people acquire personal and social competencies to reduce the risk of drug use, risky behaviours,  preventable health problems, and cope with anxiety and other difficult life situations. 

Participants get to practice these skills in school and at home.  


— Mental Health Promotion

We use a mental health literacy curriculum to increase the understanding of mental health and mental illness; enhance importance of positive mental health; decrease mental health stigma; and provide tools and competencies for students, teachers and parents to seek appropriate mental health care



— SCAD Clubs

In schools, young people run SCAD clubs where they use arts to express their experiences.  

SCAD clubs also organise artistic competitions, health fairs and peer exchange activities, enhanving their involvement in promoting sobriety, positive mental health and overall healthy behaviours among their peers.   



— Training and Sensitisation

We coordinate sensitisation forums for teachers and caregivers, to improve their knowledge and skills in addressing substance use issues at school and home.


— Counselling and Therapy

We link young people in need of therapy with inhouse support, as well as support from likeminded stakeholders and practitioners. 


— Consulting and Networking

We consult government and international agencies on best prevention practices; network and share knowledge with stakeholders in youth substance use prevention and mental health

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